We hold these in love …

March 29, 2020 (this morning’s Passages and Milestones)

(1) Janet Causey mentioned that she has several family members in Indiana who are in self-isolation due to exposure to COVID-19. (2) Carole Mann asks us to remember her daughter, Cassandra (who has tested positive for COVID-19), and the rest of the family who are no isolated from her. (3) Laura Moody has a student of hers at Mercer who is positive for the virus and is struggling with his schoolwork. (4) Lisa Hargrove mentioned that 3 teachers at Southwest (where she teaches) have tested positive for the coronavirus. (5) Vonne Sheffield asked us to remember 2 of her friends who have tested positive for the virus. (6) Marti Keller, a UU minister in the Atlanta area, has a son in NYC who has the virus. (7) Hetty Jardine is celebrating that she finally has “wheels” after having a wreck in her Prius several weeks ago.

March 26, 2020 (from Facebook)

  • Kim Lynn. My sister, Kathleen, who was found unresponsive in her home after consuming a lot of alcohol and possibly falling. She is in ICU in Las Vegas with a brain bleed. Might have been a suicide attempt. And for my niece and nephew who are grappling with all this and unable to see her.
  • Arlen Goff. Just learned that a former co-worker of mine at Houston DFCS is a respiratory therapist at Coliseum Medical Center here in Macon. They are already working 12 hour shifts and she has worked the last six days in a row. Her name is Jennifer McIntosh. We hold her in our love.
  • Arlen Goff. Just heard from Jenny Johns that her cancer has returned, this time in her liver. She has an appointment at Emory in April. We hold her in our love.
  • Arlen Goff. Carole Mann reports that her daughter, Cassandra, has tested positive for COVID-19. We hold her in our love.
  • Arlen Goff. Carolyn Milner is being transferred from hospital to a rehabilitation facility. We hold her in our love.

March 25, 2020 (from Facebook)

  • Many of you will remember Rhonda Johnson and Stefan Ramirez, former members at High Street who now live in Colorado Springs, CO. Their daughter, Catelyn Marcella, is an ER nurse in Richmond, VA. We hold her in our love.
  • Fred Howard was a Ministerial Intern here at High Street a number of years ago. Fred went to Candler Divinity School at Emory after a number of years in private practice as a Family Physician. During his ministerial studies and his ministry at the UU Congregation of Valdosta, GA he continued as an ER physician at a small hospital in south Georgia. He continues to do so during this time of crisis. We hold him in our love.
  • Rhett Baird was our minister here at High Street prior to Cassandra. He left High Street upon retirement as was named Minister Emeritus. He now resides in Atlanta with family. We hold him in our love.

March 24, 2020 (from Facebook)

  • Laura Moody My sister’s salon is closed for the duration. Her husband also works as an independent contractor. I’m not sure that there is any consideration in anyone’s relief plan for people in their situation.
  • Lori Johnson My 90 year old father’s anxiety is manifesting by every night him wanting me to take him to the Emergency Department because he says he cannot urinate. Spent last week trying to find a urologist who would see him and finally had the appointment yesterday. He’s fine. But called me worried about it again last night…. Sorry if TMI.
  • Lori Johnson My sister’s church in Smyrna just lost their first member to COVID-19. He had been at church on March 10th and started experiencing symptoms on the 13th and was consulting with a doctor from home. Now his wife is in quarantine, alone and, of course, they cannot have a funeral either.

March 22, 2020: Lisa Hargrove, Keli Underwood-Ball

March 14, 2020 (from Facebook)

  • Students who are now learning at home, teachers who are now teaching from home, and parents and other family members are home-schooling, many for the first time
  • Lyn Milner, Craig Brown, Jessie Moinuddin, Pam Byrd Davis, Sylvia Kent
  • Residents of nursing homes, personal care, and assisted living homes, and those who care for them
  • Those who are separated from members of their families and concerned for their health and safety
  • Students home without enough food
  • Children who are scared and don’t understand why they have to stay home and stay away from everyone (especially family members)
  • Those in the healthcare professions who are working long hours and days on end while worrying for the health and safety of their own families
  • Jane Darby’s sister’s housemates, the husband being the first diagnosed case of COVID-19 in Coweta County
  • Those who must go to their jobs and interact with a highly stressed public all day
  • Those in crowded housing with several children they must care for and cannot easily quarantine. Those with lousy weather who can’t venture outside for respite. Those in quarantined areas who fear being locked in with the ill.
  • Children in unsafe or abuse situations without the daily refuge of school and who may now be locked in with their abusers
  • Kaylyn Miller-Benson and her parents, all with heart conditions
  • The homeless and those who provide them services, due to their increased risk