A Typical Sunday

Each Sunday as we gather, we follow an “order” of worship. While we are a non-creedal and non-confessional congregation with roots in the Free Church tradition, we do, however, have a “traditional” liturgy which forms the structure of each Sunday’s service. That “order” may change from time to time, dependent on the topic for the day, special emphases or seasonal celebrations, or due to the serendipitous arise of the spirit of “whimsy.”


Usually a few moments of recorded music; occasionally instrumental.

Sounding the Chime

The chime sounds three times, calling us to momentary silence before the service begins.

Welcome and Announcements

Mention is made of upcoming events or opportunities for service, usually by an officer or trustee of the congregation.

Opening Words

Words selected by the minister or worship leader as a way of focusing our attention on preparing our hearts and minds for the service ahead.

Lighting the Chalice

As the worship leader lights the chalice, we stand and repeat these words each Sunday. They are unique to our congregation.

We light this flame in memory of years past that have brought us to this hour and to the countless lives, known and unknown, that have made our lives possible.

We light this flame of life in affirmation of the strength that is ours to live this day, and the potential we have to create a better tomorrow.

We light this flame of faith that our minds may be enlightened, our love deepened, our path together illumined by understanding and peace.

Opening Hymn

Passages and Milestones

We invite our members and friends to share significant items of celebration or concern. A candle is lit for each.


Members and friends are given an opportunity to share financially in the work of our congregation. On the second Sunday of each month, the plate offering is shared with a local community service organization selected by our Social Justice Committee.

Together Time

Our minister, Director of Religious Education, or a member of the congregation invites our children forward for a story or activity.

Singing the Children Out

At this time, our children and youth are escorted to their Religious Education classes, with the congregation singing these words:

As you go may joy surround you, as you go, go in peace.

Know our love is with you always, as you go, as you go.


Meditative Hymn


After a few words, a chime is sounded and silence is observed for a few moments of meditation and contemplation. This time ends with a short piece of recorded or instrumental music.



Delivered by our minister, a guest speaker, or one of our members.

Closing Hymn

Extinguishing the Chalice

The chalice is extinguished using the following words, repeated each Sunday by our gathered community. These words are unique to our congregation.

Knowing how quickly the flame of truth might be extinguished, how easily the chalice of fellowship broken, let us be vigilant in our faith, keep peace in our hearts, and make care for one another the watchword of our lives together. So our light shines out … everywhere … into the world.

Benediction or Closing Words

Offered by our minister, guest speaker, or the worship leader.

NEWCOMERS: Welcome to High Street Church! We are delighted to have you with us today and hope that you signed the Newcomer Log when you were welcomed this morning. We invite each of you to join us in the Fellowship Hall following this morning’s service for Coffee and Conversation. Your children are invited to participate in our religious education classes (which take place concurrently with our Sunday service); ask one of our greeters for details.