Proper Care and Feeding of a UU Minister

High Street Church Zoom Worship with Rev. E. Arlen Goff, August 2, 2020

This sermon has deep roots. I first shared it in the mid-1990s after our first Settled Minister left and we were anticipating the arrival of our first Interim Minister. It has been preached on a regular basis since then, usually in late July or early August just prior to the arrival of a new minister (settled or otherwise).

This sermon has even deeper roots, in that, as a minister myself and the son of a Minister, I have experienced ministerial transitions numerous times in my life, in churches large and small, city and country, liberal and conservative. Each experience was both totally unique and remarkably the same. Going to a new congregation is both strangely familiar and familiarly strange. Join me for a much briefer version of this oft-repeated message.

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From the Darkness

High Street Church Zoom Worship with – Rev. Tina Clark, July 26, 2020

I’ve heard so many deep thinkers say over the last few months that we are living through a gargantuan paradigm shift in our life time—that we are fortunate to be witnessing and experiencing this existential event(s). So much is happening at a rapid pace and sometimes it can cause us to feel disoriented, disheartened and confused, even afraid. This may feel like a season of Darkness to us. But even though Darkness can be frightening, it is also a time when new life burrows deep into the womb and becomes something new and wonderful waiting to be born while doing the work of growth and change. I’ve found the Darkness calling to me over the last many months. I’ll share some of my lessons from my time in my “cave.”

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High Street’s Promise

High Street Church Zoom Worship with – Rev. Cassandra Howe – July 19, 2020

A promise isn’t a glass case that can’t be touched, bumped or broken. A promise is more like a seed. The more you water it, nurture it, the more it grows, and the very act of promising (or planting) has the potential to change you. Today we explore promises. We remember our promises of shared ministry with Rev. Cassandra, and we release Rev. Cassandra from her covenant (or promise) with us.

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The Good Goodbye

High Street Church Zoom Worship with – Rev. Cassandra Howe – July 12, 2020

Hospice workers and chaplains talk about the “good death.” This is a death that was not just an ending or closing down but an opening and growing experience as well. It is a dying experience where the person dying is able to make amends, to take stock of their life and make meaning all the way unto the end. If there is such a thing as a “good death,” then there must also be such a thing as a “good goodbye,” for goodbyes are like miniature deaths. Today we begin our goodbye-saying process and hopefully offer some touch stones of wisdom for your own goodbyes today and everyday.

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High Street Church Zoom Worship with – Rev. Cassandra Howe – June 7, 2020

Right now we are in the in-between. We are no longer what we were, before COVID 19. But we are not yet certain of what the world will look like after this is all over. This inbetween time is certainly full of uncertainty, and that can be scary. But it can also be an exciting time because it is full of possibility. Caterpillars can teach us something about uncertainty and possibility. For that is what metamorphosis is all about. So today we look at that process, and imagine the world we want to live in, together.

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Love of Neighbors

High Street Church Zoom Worship with – Rev. Cassandra Howe – May 31, 2020

What kinds of love have we missed most during this pandemic? Today we’ll explore the value of storge, the spatial, affection-based love born between neighbours, pew buddies, and bus riders.

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Impatience as a Virtue

High Street Church Zoom Worship with – Hollis Phelps – April 26, 2020

This Sunday our guest speaker is Hollis Phelps. He will be speaking on the topic of impatience as a virtue, setting impatience against patience as a spiritual practice. In addition, he will outline the importance of impatience, especially during this time. Cynthia Alby has written an original children’s book on the topic for the sharing time. We hope you all will join us!

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Renewal of the Land; Renewal of the Spirit

High Street Church Zoom Worship with Rev. Cassandra Howe – April 19, 2020

It may seem strange, but crisis opens us up for renewal. We have certainly seen this with the earth. The crisis of COVID 19 and the related travel restrictions and “shelter at home” has cleared the air of pollutants and has emboldened wildlife to reclaim old pathways. But crisis also has the potential to renewal us spiritually. When everything is different, we are more open to changing personal habits and we take a clearer look at who we are and who we want to be. Join us as we celebrate the renewal of both land and spirit as we mark the 50th anniversary of Earth Day!

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