The Power of Books

Jennifer Lautzenheiser – December 27, 2015

Libraries know the power of a book. Libraries know the impact that the right information can make in peoples’ lives. Middle Georgia Regional Library is working to improve the Middle Georgia community through equal access to information and technology. What can be done to increase the functional literacy of the Middle Georgia community through programming and partnerships? How can libraries, and the power of books, help to change lives?

Jennifer is the new director of the Middle Georgia Regional Library System.

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Room at the Inn

Rev. Cassandra Howe – December 24, 2015

How do we make room for the stranger, the unknown guest? In this time when countries are being called to shelter Syrian refugees, we explore the Christmas message of hospitality. This will be a family friendly service of carols and candles with a brief reflection from Rev. Howe.

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Recognizing My White Privilege”

Rev. Matt Oxley – October 4, 2015

How do we recognize white privilege in our own lives?  Can we find ways to humble ourselves and accept a changing world? Let’s take a hard look at the work we can do now to ensure that the next generation is more just and equal.
Matt joins us from Eastman, GA where he owns an IT firm and works as an activist and writer.  You can read his writing at

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