Impatience as a Virtue

High Street Church Zoom Worship with – Hollis Phelps – April 26, 2020

This Sunday our guest speaker is Hollis Phelps. He will be speaking on the topic of impatience as a virtue, setting impatience against patience as a spiritual practice. In addition, he will outline the importance of impatience, especially during this time. Cynthia Alby has written an original children’s book on the topic for the sharing time. We hope you all will join us!

Download MP3: Impatience as a Virtue

Renewal of the Land; Renewal of the Spirit

High Street Church Zoom Worship with Rev. Cassandra Howe – April 19, 2020

It may seem strange, but crisis opens us up for renewal. We have certainly seen this with the earth. The crisis of COVID 19 and the related travel restrictions and “shelter at home” has cleared the air of pollutants and has emboldened wildlife to reclaim old pathways. But crisis also has the potential to renewal us spiritually. When everything is different, we are more open to changing personal habits and we take a clearer look at who we are and who we want to be. Join us as we celebrate the renewal of both land and spirit as we mark the 50th anniversary of Earth Day!

Download MP3: Renewal of the Land; Renewal of the Spirit

A Difficult Hope

High Street Church Zoom Worship with Rev. Cassandra Howe – April 12, 2020

We are in the middle of what Dr. Fouci has predicted to be the grimmest couple of weeks in terms of our country’s death toll from the COVID 19 virus. And yet, now, in the middle of this crisis, now while we are in many ways still in the tomb, is exactly the time to remember Easter. To remember hope and to reach for the signs of love and compassion and justice and equity that give us hope.

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Brave Legacy of Bold Future

High Street Church Zoom Worship with Rev. Jonathan Rogers – March 22, 2020

Since the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee’s founding in May of 1940, Unitarian Universalist congregations have been foundational partners in the work of advancing human rights. As part of UUSC’s 80th anniversary celebration this spring, this Service will explore key highlights and lessons of UUSC history – and look ahead to the next 80 years.

Rev. Jonathan Rogers is a community minister for social justice in Atlanta, focusing on immigration advocacy and service. He is the treasurer on the inaugural board of the New Sanctuary Movement of Atlanta, and a program organizer for Freedom University, a freedom school for undocumented students in Atlanta. He lives in Decatur with his wife Annie Massart, and their three dogs, Tony, Grover, and Pickles. 

Download MP3: Brave Legacy of Bold Future

The Strange Exile: Finding Spiritual Opportunity Amidst Chaos and Uncertainty

High Street Church Zoom Worship with Rev. Cassandra Howe – March 15, 2020

Try out community in a new way! Join us for a zoom worship service where we will rekindle our sense of home in this strange time of social distancing. 

Download MP3: Our High Street Home: Our First Zoom Service

Freedom By Association

Rev. Cassandra Howe – March 8, 2020

For some, freedom means being able to whatever you want, whenever you want. But what if freedom was found in being part of a community that takes care of each other? We may not think of our association of congregations as a community, but the reality, according to the Cambridge Platform of 1648 that defined congregational polity (how we are governed as a denomination) is that we are a “community of autonomous congregations.” Today we ask such questions as, “Why is this community-that-is-our-association important?” “What does being part of this community demand of us?”

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