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The content for this page has moved and as of 7-28-16 this page is no longer being updated. Please check the sub-menus under “News and How-Tos” in the new menu item above and on each page in the website.

While non-members are welcome to examine this page and see how we do things, this page is mostly of interest to church members.

Recorded Sermons

Recorded Sermons  are located under the How We Worship menu.

Deadlines and Announcement Submission Procedures

When making announcements, PLEASE remember that many in our congregation do not regularly use electronic communication, so please try to get all important information in the Newsletter, Order of Service and in the verbal announcements made at the Sunday service so that EVERYONE will be aware of important announcments.

  • Newsletter Deadline is the 18th of each month. Please send submissions to Marie Holliday at: Attachments should be sent as .RTFs or .JPGs whenever possible—No PDFs.
  • Order Of Service Deadline is each Wednesday evening. Any requests for Order Of Service space (announcements, readings, hymn titles, etc) should be sent to  with the tag “OOS for mmddyy”. As space is limited, preference is given to events that are occurring in the following week.
  • Announcements at the Sunday Service (if not printed in OOS). Please email Lori Johnson before Sunday. On Sunday, hand her a typed brief announcement as a last resort.
  • Happenings Deadline is each Wednesday evening. Please send submissions to the church office:

Church Office Information and Procedures

  • Church Office Hours are Wednesday and Friday from 10:30 AM until 1:30 PM and Thursday from 1:30 PM until 4:30 PM. Email is checked regularly even on non-workdays and is the preferred means of office communication, especially during non-office hours. Voice mail is generally checked only at the start of each office work day (3 times a week), so e-mail if possible. For urgent matters, please contact Charles at home.
    • Church Phone: 478-741-1714
    • Email:,
    • Mailing Address: High Street UU Church, P. O. Box 4566, Macon, GA 31208
    • Street Address: High Street UU Church, 1085 High Street, Macon, GA.
  • Packages Sent to the Church: When practical, please have packages for the church sent to you at home or some other location. If a package must come to the church, please do not have packages sent to the church’s street address if at all possible–there have been several instances when a package has been returned because no one was here to sign for it, or it required a special trip to pick it up due to the limited office hours. If possible, please have packages sent to our PO Box, since they can be easily picked up when the PO box is checked. Fed Ex is acceptable IF the church’s e-mail address is given, so that the package can be redirected.
  • If you need to contact Cassandra, she can be reached at, or 510-225-8921.
  • Submitting a Request for Payment: Please download, print, and fill out a Request for Payment form and place it with any receipts attached in the top of the Church Office Inbox which is located on the desk in the downstairs office. DO NOT put any RFPs in any of the mailboxes. If you cannot or prefer not to print the RFP form, there are several blank ones located in the RFP Forms mailbox just inside the outer office downstairs.
  • Please submit any address/email changes or other information to the church office, so our records will be up-to-date.
  • Members and Friends may request a current Membership Directory by contacting the church office.
  • Please contact the office for all other information requests.

Help the Church

  • Pledge. Pledging helps the church to create a budget and pay for those things that WE want the church to do, so pledge if you have not done so, or consider increasing your pledge if you can. You can pick up a Pledge Card at church or download one here. When you have completed it, just put it in the offering plate or send it to the church office. Thanks!
  • High Street is Enrolled in the Kroger Community Rewards Program–Reward Yourself and your Church … and it’s free!
    • Simply register yourself online at
    • Remember to re-register each year–the new Kroger Year starts August 1.
    • Be sure to have your Kroger Plus card handy and register your card with High Street after you sign up.
    • Click on Sign In/Register
    • If you do not yet have a Kroger Plus card, they are available at the customer service desk at any Kroger.
    • If you don’t have a blue dot on your name tag, please see Jane Darby.
    • And if you don’t see High St’s name at the bottom of your Kroger receipt, see Jane during coffee hour or call her at 478-737-7004 or email her at
    • The program just won’t work unless we’re all signed up!”
  • If you make online purchases via AMAZON, you can enroll in Amazon Smile and designate High Street as your charitable recipient. WooHoo! If you have any questions, please see Marie Holliday or Jane Darby.