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October 4

Rev. Matt Oxley
“Recognizing My White Privilege”
How do we recognize white privilege in our own lives?  Can we find ways to humble ourselves and accept a changing world? Let’s take a hard look at the work we can do now to ensure that the next generation is more just and equal.
Matt joins us from Eastman, GA where he owns an IT firm and works as an activist and writer.  You can read his writing at or

October 11
Beth Collins
“Symbols, Tattoos, and Transformtion”
Join us for a light-hearted look at some ways that symbols and rituals serve to remind us and even help us to transform ourselves.
Beth is a minister of the Earth-centered traditions and has been a member of High Street for almost 30 years.

October 18
Rev. Roy Reynolds
“Love Will Guide Us”
These are not only the words of Universalism.  They form the core wisdom of religious faiths and philosophies around the planet.  In fact, what other proper foundation can there be for the human community?  This service will explore the path of love – unsentimental love – as the wise, healthy, and generative ground for congregational life.
Roy is in his 27th year of Unitarian Universalist ministry and joins us from Atlanta where he lives with his life partner, Jean Lamer.

October 25
Rev. Stacey Harwell-Dye
“What Dreams May Come”
In a world made for able-bodied and minded people, how can we dream big dreams about what full inclusion into our faith communities would look like?  What does it say about the nature of who we are and what we believe in to re-orient our worlds for full inclusion?  We’ll explore a progressive view of healing and wholeness.
Stacey is the Minister of Community Building at Centenary Methodist and lives in Macon with husband Jonathan Harwell-Dye.

Editor’s Note: Our Minister, The Rev. Cassandra Howe, is on Maternity Leave.
For additional information please see:  Maternity Leave Information


Welcome to High Street

We know that attending a new church can be a little unsettling. So please be at ease. We ask that you wear a name tag so we can learn your name, but otherwise see for yourself what we’re all about: a group of people who have found the freedom that comes from a Unitarian Universalist church. So come for a visit and experience why so many people have made High Street their church home.

Childcare is provided for Sunday Services and at other times as needed. Children older than nursery age join their parents in the sanctuary until mid-way through the service. At this point in our service, children will be escorted to their Religious Education classes.

As a Welcoming Congregation, High Street welcomes and affirms the presence of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning, Queer, and Intersex individuals into our congregation. Even more, we advocate for full inclusion of the GLBTQQI community into the legal and civic life of our country. The church building and staff are available to perform commitment ceremonies and marriage celebrations for everyone in accordance with Georgia law. Please contact the office for more information.

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