High Street Happenings

August 19 at 6:30 PM

“As a people of faith, we seek to better ourselves, our community, and our world through integrity, justice, and hope.”

High Street and COVID-19: What You Need to Know

  • IN-PERSON SERVICES SUSPENDED: On July 1 the COVID transmission rate in both Bibb and Houston counties was raised to HIGH. Per church policy, we have returned to ONLINE SERVICES ONLY until further notice.
  • Please regularly check our Happenings page. Happenings will be updated at least weekly or more often as required.
  • Our Community and COVID-19 is a basic information page, giving you information on attending “Virtual Church” and advising you of congregational and community resources available to you.

August 21 at 11 AM
Living with an Open Heart
Zoom Worship with Rev. Tina Cansler Clark

The news and events of our moment in time can be enough to make us want to withdraw from the world or to close our hearts in fear, dread, or isolation. How can we live with open hearts in this era of tension? And why does that matter?

Tina is a member and former President of our Congregation. Tina has served as a hospital chaplain and has recently completed training as a spiritual director.

Religious Exploration for Children


We will be hosting Religious Education for children every other Sunday with one multi-age class during the summer.  In order to move forward into weekly RE classes and classes by age we are working on recruiting and training volunteer teachers as well as having the individual classroom ready.  Please let me know if you are interested in being a teacher or volunteering your labor to clean, paint, and decorate the individual classrooms.

For more information contact Paula Del Rio – Director of Religious Exploration


Community Youth Group

Community youth group in collaboration with Saint Francis Episcopal, Centenary Methodist, and First Baptist. Meets on Sundays. We will be on Summer break for June and July. Resuming date for the fall TBD

Current Announcements

1. IN-PERSON SERVICES SUSPENDED: On July 1 the COVID transmission rate in both Bibb and Houston counties was raised to HIGH. Per church policy, we have returned to ONLINE SERVICES ONLY until further notice.

2. Rev. Amanda is very excited to jump right in when she arrives in August. She will spend the first month getting acquainted with staff, the Board, teams, congregants, our community connections and regional partners. She will also be attending team meetings and engaging with as many congregants as possible.

During August she will be available for pastoral care as needed, as well as attending to rites and passages. The focus of the month will be to settle in and get her bearings. She will begin preaching the first Sunday in September.

I know she is excited to be coming, so be on the lookout in a few weeks for numerous opportunities to connect with her when she arrives.

3. High Street needs you! As we are figuring out meeting in person again and how to expand multi-platform offerings while allowing people to remain healthy and feel safe, we still need help. Here are some ways you could step in and help out:

  • Youth Religious Exploration: Volunteers are needed for Planning team, Classroom teachers, Classroom set up crew. Most pressing though starting in August teachers are needed for three age based classrooms. Two teams of six volunteers are needed (two per classroom, rotating every other Sunday), plus two more needed for the Nursery working with one paid assistant. Contact Paula Del Rio (pdelriob@gmail.com) if you are interested in learning more!
  • HSUUC Board of Trustees: Treasurer-in-training (shadow and learn from Jim Scott, current Treasurer), Board Chair-in-training (Shadow Vanessa Scott and Kim Lynn). The Board has several people who stayed on beyond their previous term to bring continuity and stability during this interim/transition period. But starting in January, they need to have two people ready and willing to step into these two positions in particular, which requires some preparation and learning. If you agree to be “in training” you won’t be voting on issues but coming to meetings and attending some one-on-one or small group sessions to learn more about these two roles. More than one “trainee” is welcome! Contact: board@hsuuc.org or treasurer@hsuuc.org
  • Membership Team and Social Justice Team: Membership Team Chair and Social Justice Team Chair as well as members of these two important teams are needed. Please contact Kim Lynn (katzenbooks45@gmail.com) if you are interested in serving on these as we continue to meet in person, expand multi-platform offerings and plan for the next program year.
  • Worship Team: High Street’s Worship Team is in need of volunteers who can offer technical assistance for our Sunday services. This would involve either assisting with audiovisual services for In-Person Worship or serving on the ZOOM Online Worship staff. If you’re interested in offering your services in these ways, please contact Arlen Goff (profgoff@gmail.com).

4. Auction Items Need to Be Picked Up. There are still a number of items purchased at the auction that are in the minister’s office. If one or more of them are yours, please pick up on Sunday or contact the office to arrange a time to pick them up.

5. The Mountain: If you are not aware of it, there are many programs at “The Mountain” (https://www.themountainrlc.org/). Please check out all the programs and activities available to you. The Mountain has been used by UUs since about 1979 and it is both beautiful and energizing!

6. Over 60’s Group: Would you like to gather with others your age to greet, meet, and discuss issues of aging? The Over 60s group at High Street invites you to learn about our group which meets the 1st and 3rd Fridays from 2:30-4:00, currently by Zoom. We check in with each other, share our joys and concerns and take turns leading conversation about aging and grief. We use a selected book to stimulate our thinking and sharing. Please contact Nana’, Jane Donahue or the church office for information.

7. Mental Health Support Group: As a reminder this is a peer support group, there is no professional psychotherapist present at these meetings, but we’ve all made the promise to keep whatever is shared at these meetings only between those in the group.

This group is exclusively for members and friends of High Street UU Church and operates under the principles and covenants agreed upon within the church. We are all friends here, we share our experiences and what’s happening with us currently in the hope that these shared experiences may alleviate the burdens of another, and that a past experience may shed light on a situation which another is currently experiencing!

All these things in the hope that our shared experiences may assist others to become more complete, content, and closer to the light of existence of which we are all a part.

For Zoom login information, please email events@hsuuc.org.

Ongoing Announcements

1. This Sunday we will have an online offering using our online giving technology, found here: https://onrealm.org/hsuuc/-/give/now

Please have your credit or debit card handy! (Also feel free to give beforehand, and as many times as you want!)

2. Stay Safe on Your Computer! As more people are spending more time online, there has been an increase in email scams. Scammers retrieve email addresses from websites and change them, slightly, and use the changed email address to email others asking for favors and money. Please know that no minister of High Street Church will ever ask you, over email, to buy eBay gift cards or itune gift cards, or for money in general (unless it is for the church or some approved fundraiser). If you are a victim of an email scam, do not respond to it. Please report the email to gmail (or whatever carrier the email address uses). They will try to remove that email so the scammer won’t prey on others.

3. Interested in being a phone buddy or pen pal with someone from High Street? Contact Jane Donahue: janedonahue817@gmail.com

4. A Note About the Happenings: The Happenings web page (https://hsuuc.org/happenings/) is usually updated only once per week, but under the current circumstances, it will updated as the need arises. There will be both a Date and Time of Update at the top of the page and reminder emails about the Happenings may not be made when updates are made. So make sure that you bookmark the Happenings page or put it in your Favorites and check it regularly.

5. Daybreak (Macon’s day center for those who are homeless) Daybreak has a significant need for specialized volunteers: nurses, adult learning tutors (reading, writing, math, finance, personal goals, etc.). Daybreak also always needs volunteers for general operations (laundry, showers, computers, gardening, the café, building and grounds maintenance).