High Street Happenings

May 17, 2019

“As a people of faith, we seek to better ourselves, our community, and our world through integrity, justice, and hope.”



“On the Day You Were Born” by Debra Frasier is often used by UU ministers when doing child dedications. It tells of the grand movements of the earth, sun, and all the earth’s creatures that happened in celebration of the arrival of a newborn child. It’s message is: this place, the earth, was made with YOU in mind. You are wanted, desired, loved. Our hymn: “We Are Not Our Own” offers a similar message. We are not randomly here but imagined by generations of creatures before us, anxiously awaited, in all of our uniqueness.

In these stories is not hard to hear the reverberations of John 4:19: “We love because God first loved us.”

On the one hand believing that you, personally, or your tribe are “the chosen ones” can lead to all the horrible manifestations of human greed and jealousy. But on the other hand feeling that we are chosen for who we are, in all of our uniqueness, is what draws us to relationship with one another, enables us to love. One of my colleagues recently posted: “There is a big difference between “All are Welcome” and “This Place Was Made with You In Mind.””

Last night during our Adult Religious Education class many spoke of their hope of getting to know one another better. As I looked around the room I saw many newer faces, as well as long-timers. This is the nature of religious community: that it is constantly changing. And so we have to re-create our covenant, tell one another, over and over, in all our various ways, “I choose to understand you.”

Rev. Cassandra

Our theme for the month is “What does it mean to be a people of Desire?”

May 19

Freely Chosen – Rev. Cassandra Howe

Free choice is perhaps the most fundamental part of being Unitarian Universalist. The desire of religious communities made not by obligation or law but by people freely choosing to come together is the beginning of congregational polity (and Puritan existence in North America), a structure that we still practice today. Free choice is also the foundation of covenant. Covenant being made of the promises people make one to another, presumably promises that are freely chosen. Another way of thinking about choice is desire. We desire to “walk together” as the original Puritan covenants once said. Join us as we consider covenant and how we might live it in our life together.

Volunteer Appreciation Ceremony – Congregational Meeting following the Service

Religious Education for Children and Youth

May 19,  2019

Please joint us for our annual Volunteer Teacher Recognition at 11:00 am

Preschool (K3-K) 
Teacher: Vanessa Sullivan
Curriculum: Faith Rocket
Lesson: Rituals of Mourning

Lower Elementary (1st – 3rd)
Teacher: Christina Charette
Curriculum: Faith Rocket
Lesson: Rituals of Mourning

Upper Elementary (4th – 6th)
Teacher: Jim Scott
Curriculum: Faith Rocket
Lesson: Rituals of Mourning

Paula Del Rio – DRE   –  pdelriob@gmail.com


1. Important Announcement about High Street’s Picnic Potluck (Item 2 below): Central City Park is a big park. Your Social Activities Team wants to make sure you all know where you are going! We will be at pavilion #3, a seven table pavilion. As you drive into the park (on Willie Smokey Glover Dr.), the pavilion is closer to the front/ entrance of the park, not far from the offices.

2. High Streeters, are you ready for a fun picnic in the park? Then join us for the All Church Picnic Potluck at Central City Park (115 Willie Smokie Glover Dr) on Saturday, May 18th, from 11:30 AM to 3:30 PM. We will provide beverages and paper products, you just bring yourself and (hopefully) some picnic related items to share. We have invited our Quaker friends who have been using the fellowship hall lately, so come introduce yourselves and have fun with your fellow High Streeters. (In the event of bad weather, we will have the potluck back at High Street in the Fellowship Hall) – Social Activities

3. There will be a Congregational Meeting on Sunday, May 19th, after the service.

4. The Board appreciates all your feedback on the proposed congregational covenant! A revised covenant can now be viewed here (https://hsuuc.org/high-street-leadership-covenant/). We will vote on this covenant May 19th at our congregational meeting.

5. Rev. Cassandra will be away on vacation May 20th-May 27th. Please call the office or contact Nana’ Kratochvil with any pastoral concerns.

6. IMPORTANT CALENDAR UPDATE: The calendar below lists “Adult RE Owning Your Religious Past” as meeting on May 23. It will NOT meet on that day.

7. Owning Your Religious Past – Rev. Dr. Arlen Goff and Rev. Cassandra Howe. Thursdays from 5-6:30, beginning May 16th and ending June 13th, (skipping Thursday May 23rd leading up to Memorial Day weekend.) This will be held in the High Street Church Adult Religious Education Classroom (in the Fellowship Hall).

“The majority of Unitarian Universalists come into the denomination from other religions; often there have been several stops along the path into our congregations. Some bring with them angry and unresolved feelings about experiences in other religious institutions, others have warm memories. Some move easily into an identity as a Unitarian Universalist; others experience a traumatic estrangement from family and from the center of their culture.” Bonnie Withers, writer “Owning Your Religious Past.”

Those who have been spiritually wounded often find that it is more obvious what one is leaving behind than one what brings to a new religious community. Owning Your Religious Past gives tools for participants to constructively reflect on their past religious experiences, to heal from previous wounds and to identify gifts they bring from the past into their present spiritual journey.

This class is for long-time UU’s and those who have only recently discovered Unitarian Universalism. It is open to members and friends, those who know they are UU and those who don’t quite know what/ who they are. Childcare is available upon request. To request childcare and to sign up for the class please email Rev. Cassandra Howe at highstreetrev@gmail.com. Please sign up by Wednesday May 15th!

8. A Reminder from the Canvas & Finance Committees: Please submit your 2019-2020 pledges as soon as possible. You may mail it to the church, please it in the Offering Plate, or give it personally to Vanessa Scott or Bob Hargrove. Thanks for your continued support of the ministry of High Street Unitarian Universalist Church.

9. Daybreak is in need of the following items: Lysol spray and hand wipes, bleach, iced tea & lemonade mixes, powdered drink mix/juice, stirrers for coffee, napkins, and canned fruit for snacks & breakfast.

10. Are you in a financial pinch? Medical bills make rent hard to pay? Could use marital therapy but you just can’t afford it? Consider talking with Rev. Cassandra about the Minister’s Discretionary Fund! This fund is set aside for members and friends of the High Street Community who find themselves in a short term financial pinch. Kroger cards are also available for those in need. Call 510-225-8921. Rev. Cassandra

11. Coffee Hour. If you would be willing to host a coffee hour after a Sunday service, please contact Craig Rowland at 478-318-1084 to volunteer for a Sunday.

12. Help Others! Please check out the Social Justice webpage for what you can do for others. Specific needs that change often will be placed in this Announcements section

Monthly Calendar

The following calendar is from this month’s newsletter. Please check the Announcements section above for any updates!