High Street Happenings

January 11, 2019

“As a people of faith, we seek to better ourselves, our community, and our world through integrity, justice, and hope.”


“We see the richness in human diversity and are excited by its possibility.”
Mark Morrison-Reed

Last Sunday was the first of a thirteen week series on White Fragility. Now, if you are like me, you might not jump with joy at the phrase “white fragility.” “Becoming a Multicultural UU” OR “Beloved Community” does a much better job at quickening my heart.

But whether or not you experience a warm cuddly feeling at the term I encourage you to participate in the class. Bretta still has several copies of the book, at $13 a copy.

Why do I encourage you?

Because it is something the president of our denomination is calling us to engage in. Last February President Fredericks Gray spoke to the 500 ministers gathered at Innisbrook, Florida and told us how excited she was by our achievements in becoming more racially and culturally diverse, and asked for our commitment to continue this progress.

The abundance with which High Street has responded to this call brings me to tears. Most congregations set aside one Sunday to raise money for the Black Lives of Unitarian Universalism (BLUU) national organization. We set aside four. We pledged $1,000 (about $10/member) towards BLUU. Thus far we have raised almost $2,000. We have had Black-led worship. We have cried tears of joy for seeing a vision of a multiracial High Street that we have long held in our hearts. We have heard about race from professors Chester Fontenot and (will hear from) Andy Manis, and now we are doing what may be the toughest part of it all- learning about and naming the demon through Robin Diangelo’s book “White Fragility.”

My heart overflows with pride. Whether or not anti-racism is your personal passion, you have responded to the call, we have responded to the call, and we are now calling others in middle Georgia to join us, bit by bit, in the healing of the world.

On a related note: Help be part of the diversity Mark Morrison Reed speaks of on February 10th at 10:30 am. Abundant LUUV (located in Atlanta’s West End, centered in the African American UU tradition) will be celebrating their one year anniversary and has invited any and all UU’s in North/ Central Georgia to join them. More information can be found here: https://aluuv.org. If you want to carpool, contact Sai Campbell or Leon Jackson Jr.

Rev. Cassandra Howe

January 13

Hope for the Rest of Us – Rev. Cassandra Howe

This month we turn from the theme of mystery (December’s theme) to possibility. I don’t know about you but I am not “feeling” possibility. It seems too far out of reach, too bight and glaring for this time of year, this time in our country and world when arctic icebergs are melting and immigrant children are being forever harmed from our inhumane policies and “tender care” jail cells.

So today we look at possibility through not a rose colored lens but the lens of suicide prevention. We consider how helping someone else see possibility in their life can help us see more possibility as well.

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Religious Education for Children and Youth

January 13,  2019

Preschool (K3-K)
Teacher: Jennifer Zimmermar
Curriculum: Soul Matters
Lesson:  Impossible Possibilities

Lower Elementary (1st – 3rd)
Teacher: Gaye Martel
Curriculum: Soul Matters
Lesson: Impossible Possibilities

Upper Elementary (4th – 6th)
Teacher: Leon Jackson
Curriculum: Soul Matters
Lesson:  “Exploring the Possibility of You” – The Practice of Self-Affirmation

Paula Del Rio – DRE   –  pdelriob@gmail.com


1. We will be collecting Guest At Your Table (GAYT) funds on Sunday January 20th. GAYT is a major educational campaign and fundraiser for the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee that works to provide disaster relief and promote human rights and social justice around the world. Please bring your box of coins, cash or a check to place in receptacles at either entrance at the end of the service.

2. MLK Day Opportunities

  • Join High Streeters at the Martin Luther King Jr. Day breakfast on Monday the 21st at 7:30 am at Saint Peter Claver (Catherine Drexel Auditorium).
  • Join High Streeters in the MLK Day march at either the Booker T. Washington Community center leaving at 11am or, for a shorter route, at the church at 11:15, to meet up with that march coming down Forsyth.

3. How are you affected by the government shut down? We are a caring community and we want to know. Are you worried about not getting paid, loss of benefits, or something else related to the shut down? Please let Rev. Cassandra know so we can pull together and help one another through this difficult time.

4. In January two new Adult RE series will begin that we hope will interest you. As a result of our visioning time, we are experimenting with holding classes at different times and locations, so the book discussion series will NOT happen on Sunday mornings before church.

  • Nana Kratochvil and Hetty Jardine are teaming up to offer this series, which will cover 4 titles, all with allusions to UU ideals, historic figures and locales, etc. The books are: Ahab’s Wife by Sena Jeter Naslund; she teaches in Alabama and actually spoke once at High Street a number of years ago. The other 3 titles are: The Magnificent Spinster by May Sarton- probably well known as a poet among UUs, Jamesland by Michelle Huneven (about the noted Henry and William James) and A Saloonkeeper’s Daughter by Drude Krog Janson. We hope to have 2 leaders for each discussion, which will take place in January, February, April and May. With the exception of Saloonkeeper’s Daughter, all are available through the public library system and all are available on Amazon. We’ll do one book per month. You can sign up by contacting either (hetty.jardine@gmail.com or nanakratochvil@gmail.com) and we’ll find a mutually convenient time and location. Please signup by December 31st.
  • Bretta Perkins plans to offer a class on white privilege. White Fragility: Why It’s so Hard for White People to Talk about Racism by Robin DiAngelo is the title of a new adult religious education (aka faith development) book and class scheduled for 13 weeks (January to March) on Sunday mornings, 9:30 am. Bretta Perkins will coordinate and lead the discussions. The real teacher will be DiAngelo’s book, and it will be important for participants to obtain a copy and read the assignments on this very sensitive topic. The book is available from Beacon Press, http://www.beacon.org for $16.00. Beacon Press, 24 Farnsworth St., Boston MA 02210-1409, 617-742-2110. Also listed on Barnes and Noble, eBay, Amazon, including lower priced used copies.

5. High Streeters to visit El Refugio in Lumpkin, GA February 2, 2019. Interested in Volunteering for a day at El Refugio?This is a ministry that our Congregation actively supports. No Spanish required! In fact, we just need folks who are interested in spending a day at the small Hospitality house in Lumpkin, GA volunteering and visiting detainees at Stewart Detention Center. If you have been at one of our recent services about this ministry, one in August and another in October, then you know a lot about it. If not, this is a chance to learn first-hand what we do. Please let Janet Causey know if you are interested in going, so we can get your name on our list. We want to both keep you informed, and as of mid-January we need a firm head-count. Janet Causey can be reached at jmcausey89@gmail.com or at church when you can catch her there.

6. Are you in a financial pinch? Medical bills make rent hard to pay? Could use marital therapy but you just can’t afford it? Consider talking with Rev. Cassandra about the Minister’s Discretionary Fund! This fund is set aside for members and friends of the High Street Community who find themselves in a short term financial pinch. Kroger cards are also available for those in need. Call 510-225-8921. Rev. Cassandra

7. Coffee Hour. If you would be willing to host a coffee hour after a Sunday service, please contact Craig Rowland at 478-318-1084 to volunteer for a Sunday.

8. Help Others! Please check out the Social Justice webpage for what you can do for others. Specific needs that change often will be placed in this Announcements section

Monthly Calendar

The following calendar is from this month’s newsletter. Please check the Announcements section above for any updates!