High Street Happenings

May 29 – 6:45 PM Update

“As a people of faith, we seek to better ourselves, our community, and our world through integrity, justice, and hope.”

High Street and COVID-19: What You Need to Know

  • As of March 15, all in-person activities have been suspended for the duration of the COVID-19 Crisis. All group activities will use Zoom. You can find instructions on how to access Zoom (via computer, smartphone/tablet, or landline/telephone) here.
  • Please regularly check our Happenings page. Happenings will be updated at least weekly or more often as required.
  • Our Community and COVID-19 is a basic information page, giving you information on attending “Virtual Church” and advising you of congregational and community resources available to you.

Cassandra has another YouTube Video for you!

The FaithRocket theme for May is “INTEGRITY.”

To access FaithRocket resources for the current week, go to https://hsuuc.org/faith-rocket/.

Sunday Sermon

May 31, at 11am using ZOOM

Love of Neighbors with Rev. Cassandra Howe

What kinds of love have we missed most during this pandemic? Today we’ll explore the value of storge, the spatial, affection-based love born between neighbors, pew buddies, and bus riders.

Religious Education for Children

NEW: Virtual Religious Education Time for Children On Saturday at Noon using ZOOM

Please contact Paula Del Rio for login information.

Upcoming Announcements

1. Evensong for Families*. Wednesdays at 6 from June 3rd through July 29th. During this time of shelter in place, let’s celebrate those we are sheltering in place with! Join Rev. Cassandra in an eight week series of gatherings for families. Over zoom we’ll do some fun activities together, sing some songs and talk about different subjects like how you celebrate birthdays and holidays, what you love to do together, good times and bad, and much more.

RSVP to Rev. Cassandra by June 1st to sign up and to receive ZOOM login information for Evensong. (highstreetrev@gmail.com)

*We welcome and encourage all kinds of families to participate, be they two generation “young” families to single person families who might include a sibling or parent who now lives far away (zoom is amazing that way!). This program hopes to be meaningful for people of all ages.

2. Solidarity and Peaceful Protest For the family of George Floyd. Sunday May 31st at noon at Rosa Parks Square on Poplar St. Wear a mask and respect social distancing rules.

3. Social Justice During Covid 19. Thursday June 4th at 6pm. Come hear from a few representatives of local social justice organizations on ways we at High Street can support their ministries
RSVP to Rev. Cassandra by June 1st to sign up (highstreetrev@gmail.com).

4. Chalice Circles are on hold for the duration of the Evensong program. Please consider participating in Evensong for Families Wednesdays at 6!

Ongoing Announcements

1. This Sunday we will have an online offering using our new online giving technology, found here: https://onrealm.org/hsuuc/-/give/now

Please have your credit or debit card handy! (Also feel free to give beforehand, and as many times as you want!)

Thank you for your generosity.

2. High Street Happy Playlist: With many thanks to Kevin Wilson for compiling our songs and to the many who contributed, we now can share our Happy Playlist! (Some songs were not included to ensure a child-friendly list.) https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9yFZSiUi-NyfjEnYe4UB7_cHh-NTLibw

3. Our fifth principle calls us to promote democracy in our society at large. Here are two ways you can do this:
If you have time and health to be a poll volunteer please send in this application: https://www.maconbibb.us/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/MBC_Board_of_Election_-_Poll_Worker_Application_-__09_13_2017.pdf

4. Treasurer’s Note: Hello to all members and friends of High Street UU Church! This note is to remind all of you who have made pledges for the 2019-2020 fiscal year that the end of this fiscal year is May 31st. This day is approaching fast! We understand that some of you may be experiencing hardships right now with the COVID-19 regulations, Shelter-in-Place orders, job lay-offs, etc. But I want to ask those of us who can make it, to go ahead and send in your pledge payments to the church on time. Send your checks or Money Orders to: High Street UU Church, P.O. Box 4566, Macon, GA 31208; or if you are in the neighborhood, you can always drop an envelope with your payment through the slot in the front door of the church. Be sure your name is on any money order and indicate that it is for your pledge payment in the memo block. Thank you all for a great year! And I look forward to seeing you all again really soon! -Jim Scott, Treasurer, 2020-2021

5. Important Invitations:

* Join Rev. Cassandra’s virtual office hours every Thursday from 3:30-4:15pm.

Zoom Link for Office Hours
Meeting ID: 395 095 235
Password: To receive zoom log in information please email Rev. Cassandra at highstreetrev [at] gmail.com or go to High Street Church’s private Facebook group.

On phone, call
+1 929 205 6099 US (New York)

Dial in:
Meeting ID: 395 095 235

See for Community and COVID-19 more instructions.

6. Invitation to participate in Sunday’s “Digital Prayer” In this time of loss we are trying out a new ritual. At about five minutes before the service starts we will listen to music and light candles and silently write in the chat names of individuals or communities for whom and with whom we hold in loving-kindness.

This is meant to be a broader “holding” than our passages and milestones ritual, though there may be some “held” in the chat that are also named out loud during the passages and milestones.

7. Are you a newer member hoping to learn more about Unitarian Universalism? Are you a long-time member wanting to re-connect to the larger faith of which we are a part?

Register for (a completely virtual) General Assembly! Click here: https://www.uua.org/ga

General Assembly (GA) is the annual meeting of our Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA). Participants worship, witness, learn, connect, and make policy for the Association through democratic process. GA is June 24-28 and is completely virtual this year. The cost to attend is $150.

8. Help get the vote out from your own home! Sign up with UU the Vote to learn how to alert inactive voters of their status, and get them the resources they need to request an absentee ballot (voter registration deadline is May 11th!). Click on (or copy and paste) the link below to sign up. If Sundays from 1-2pm don’t work for you, there are options to do it on your own time. https://secure.everyaction.com/mcErOqKZGU66WukO4Z2MUQ2?emci=61e23c14-8685-ea11-a94c-00155d03b1e8&emdi=a030eb37-9b85-ea11-a94c-00155d03b1e8&ceid=4324155

9. Stay Safe on Your Computer! As more people are spending more time online, there has been an increase in email scams. Scammers retrieve email addresses from websites and change them, slightly, and use the changed email address to email others asking for favors and money. Please know that no minister of High Street Church will ever ask you, over email, to buy eBay gift cards or itune gift cards, or for money in general (unless it is for the church or some approved fundraiser). If you are a victim of an email scam, do not respond to it. Please report the email to gmail (or whatever carrier the email address uses). They will try to remove that email so the scammer won’t prey on others.

10. Reverend Cassandra has graciously offered to put her plans on hold during this crisis. The Board of Trustees has accepted her generous offer with tremendous gratitude and we look forward to having her with us for a while longer. The process of finding an interim minister will continue as planned but we all can take comfort in knowing that High Street will continue to have the support of a full time minister during this time of turmoil in our lives and our community.

11. Interested in being a phone buddy or pen pal with someone from High Street? Contact Jane Donahue: janedonahue817@gmail.com

12. A Note About the Happenings: The Happenings web page (https://hsuuc.org/happenings/) is usually updated only once per week, but under the current circumstances, it will updated as the need arises. There will be both a Date and Time of Update at the top of the page and reminder emails about the Happenings may not be made when updates are made. So make sure that you bookmark the Happenings page or put it in your Favourites and check it regularly.

13. Daybreak (Macon’s day center for those who are homeless) Daybreak has a significant need for specialized volunteers: nurses, adult learning tutors (reading, writing, math, finance, personal goals, etc.). Daybreak also always needs volunteers for general operations (laundry, showers, computers, gardening, the café, building and grounds maintenance).

14. Are you in a financial pinch? Medical bills make rent hard to pay? Could use marital therapy but you just can’t afford it? Consider talking with Rev. Cassandra about the Minister’s Discretionary Fund! This fund is set aside for members and friends of the High Street Community who find them.