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November 8, 2018 (Updated on November 10)

“As a people of faith, we seek to better ourselves, our community, and our world through integrity, justice, and hope.”


No More Candles

This morning when I learned of the twelve killed at a bar in Thousand Oaks, California, my heart wept. It was less than two weeks ago that we lit eleven candles for the eleven killed at the Tree of Life Synagogue. We had not known, or made the connection, about the two killed in the Kroger parking lot outside of Louisville. Another thirteen dead, those times time because of hate. At that point, perhaps because it was a hate crime, I received the news more with anger than grief.

But maybe my different emotional responses is more than the difference between a hate or not-hate crime. Maybe it is weariness of all this unnecessary and innocent death. Underneath the shell of anger is a deep well of sadness for the loss of a life. The loss of thirteen lives. The loss of now twenty six lives in the last two weeks because of gun violence.

Oh, my God, what have we done? What are we doing? When will we finally cease from lighting so many candles of mourning? Help us to create a society that truly values human life. Through better gun laws that diligently manage the types of guns left in public hands. Through diplomacy rather than war. Through long term care for our veterans who need our care even after they’ve served. Especially after they’ve served.

In deep sorrow, anger and pain,

Rev. Cassandra

Sunday Sermon – November 11 at 11 AM

Those Without Memory Remind Us Well – Rev. Cassandra Howe

Today we lift up the other side of our monthly theme on Memory by looking at the unexpected gifts of those living with Alzheimer’s. In a religion that has so often emphasized self-reliance and cerebral knowledge, how do we make sense of diseases that take those two things away? What resources do we have to make meaning out of this cruel disease?

Share the Plate with Macon Outreach

Religious Education for Children and Youth

November 18, 2018

Intergernerational Thanksgiving Service – No RE


1. Rev. Cassandra’s continuing education and vacation schedule in November: Rev. Cassandra will be at The Mountain (UU retreat center) in North Carolina Nov. 12th-15th for a minister’s conference. She will be in Seattle on vacation November 19th-28th. Please call Nana’ Kratochvil (478) 841-2906 or Arlen Goff (478) 361-1376 for any pastoral concerns.

2. Congregational picture to be taken directly following the service on November 18th! Please come!


All of us face difficult times. Sickness, financial reversals, deaths of loved ones, broken relationships, accidents, unexpected election results, panic attacks, seasonal depression – the list is endless. Each of us deals with difficult times in different ways. Prayer, meditation, medication, community involvement, professional counseling, reading sacred texts, leaning on family and friends – all helpful resources. Some of us have found that poetry (whether reading poetry or writing poetry) can provide solace and space for healing when our lives seem just too much to bear. During September, October, and November, Adult RE at High Street will focus on poetry as a resource for difficult times. Facilitator for the class will be the Rev. E Arlen Goff, High Street’s Teaching Minister Emeritus.

The text for the class will be Roger Housden’s Ten Poems for Difficult Times (ISBN 978-1-60868-529- 5) which is available at our local Barnes and Noble or through online retailers. Housden is a respected teacher and has written a number of books in the “Ten Poems” series. He has also written extensively on sacred pilgrimages or journeys, on general spirituality, and related topics.

The class began on September 9th and will run for 12 weeks (through December 2nd). The class will meet on Sundays at 9:30 AM in the classroom just off the Fellowship Hall.

4. Are you in a financial pinch? Medical bills make rent hard to pay? Could use marital therapy but you just can’t afford it? Consider talking with Rev. Cassandra about the Minister’s Discretionary Fund! This fund is set aside for members and friends of the High Street Community who find themselves in a short term financial pinch. Kroger cards are also available for those in need. Call 510-225-8921. Rev. Cassandra

5. Coffee Hour. If you would be willing to host a coffee hour after a Sunday service, please contact Craig Rowland at 478-318-1084 to volunteer for a Sunday.

6. Help Others! Please check out the Social Justice webpage for what you can do for others. Specific needs that change often will be placed in this Announcements section

7. Throughout October, J. Christopher’s will donate to Daybreak $1 for each stack of pumpkin pancakes and $0.50 for each pumpkin latte that is sold! Open from 7 AM – 2 PM daily and located off Bass Road at 220 Starcadia Circle.

8. Needs for Daybreak in October and early November:

  • Spray deodorant, double blade raisers and body wash. (These are almost always needed.)
  • Coffee creamer, Country Time lemonade mix, fresh fruit and milk.

Please place items in the bin by the elevator on the library entrance of the church.

Monthly Calendar

The following calendar is from this month’s newsletter. Please check the Announcements section above for any updates!