High Street Happenings

September 17, 2021 – 4:30 PM

“As a people of faith, we seek to better ourselves, our community, and our world through integrity, justice, and hope.”

High Street and COVID-19: What You Need to Know

  • As of March 15, 2020 all in-person activities have been suspended for the duration of the COVID-19 Crisis. All group activities will use Zoom. You can find instructions on how to access Zoom (via computer, smartphone/tablet, or landline/telephone) here.
  • Please regularly check our Happenings page. Happenings will be updated at least weekly or more often as required.
  • Our Community and COVID-19 is a basic information page, giving you information on attending “Virtual Church” and advising you of congregational and community resources available to you.

September 19 at 11 AM
Ingathering and Water Communion*
ZOOM Worship with Rev. Sarah Oglesby-Dunegan

This Sunday will feature outdoor gathering at HIgh Street and a drive-by care package for members and friends. Music, outdoor conversation circles, a water ritual, water play and online connections will all be included. We’re still planning this, so save the date! See specifics in the Announcements section below and in your Happenings email.

*If we are experiencing rainy weather on 9/19 we will move the Ingathering to 9/26.


An invitation to read together: The anti-racism book group and the transition team invite High Street members to read “Mistakes and MIracles” by Nancy Palmer Jones and Karin Lin. This Book “Shares how five diverse congregations encounter frustrations and disappointments, as well as hope and wonder, once they commit to the journey to create multicultural, antiracist Beloved Community.” Available through the UUA bookstore (https://www.uuabookstore.org/Mistakes-and-Miracles-P18521.aspx) and through Kindle, we hope many of you will join us in reading this book. We will be engaging some conversations this fall based on this reading.

In addition, the UUA has published an online as well as a printed version of the their recent commission on Institutional Change. High Street leaders and members are highly encourage to begin reading this as well. Titled Widening the Circle of Concern, “The Report of the UUA Commission on Institutional Change analyzes structural and systemic racism and white supremacy culture within Unitarian Universalism and makes recommendations to advance long-term change.” All congregations are encouraged to engage the learning and ideas in the report. As a congregation in transition, High Street is in an especially great place to make use of this book! Here are the links to get started:


This second year of interim we are inviting High Street to truly embrace the possibilities, as members and friends consider what it means to be a faith community, what shared work is calling for High Street’s attention and commitment, and what new ways can High Street build community–internally and externally–that will allow the church to survive a challenging time and even thrive as a community? Help us explore the possibilities together! Some of our Sundays will be more interactive and make space for deeper conversations and questions. And while we are challenged by the recent turn in COVID with the Delta variant and schools back in session, we will continue to look for ways to help HIgh Street folks connect. Watch for more spiritual practice and deepening opportunities from Rev. Sarah and Rev. Tina; small group meetups led by facilitators for online and in person opportunities; and some experiments with whole community gatherings (online and/or in person) that aren’t just on Sunday morning!

Religious Education for Children

1. Virtual Religious for both groups, Elementary and youth will be on Sabbatical for the months of June and July as Rev. Sarah and Paula plan for the upcoming year

Upcoming Event Announcements

1. This Sunday will feature an outdoor gathering at High Street and the park adjacent to High Street with a drive-by care package for members and friends. Music, outdoor conversation circles, a water ritual, and online connections will all be included. *bring and wear a mask! Also, feel free to bring your own camp chair

What is water communion? You can bring water from your home or a place you visited or use water provided at the service; each person or family shares water into a larger vessels and speaks the gifts they bring to community as well as what they hope to receive from community. The mingling of our waters represents the mingling of our selves–of our celebrations and grief, our visions and our challenges. Its a chance to celebrate the importance of building community and sharing with each other.

Access the online portion between 10:30 and 11:30 using our usual Zoom login info (See your Happenings email or email the church office)

• 9:30-10:30 set up: Help Rev. Sarah set up chairs, tables and more!
• Ongoing: drive by to pick up a little care package for your family
• 10:30-11:00 Music and gathering featuring Ginny Andino
• 11:00-11:30 Water Communion and Online Connections
◦ Announcements
◦ Welcome
◦ Opening Words
◦ Song
◦ Introduction to Water Communion/Passages and Milestones combo/Blessing Stones with
messages on them for specific folks/situations
◦ Water Communion
◦ Meditation words/Prayer to close out
• 11:30-12:00 Adult Conversation Circles (online and in person)
◦ Kids activities led by Paula Del Rio
◦ Yoga sequence (mats provided)
◦ Craft: nature mobile ( a collaborative craft) *adults can do these, too!
• 12:00-12:30 Continued Conversations circles and Kids activities

***Rain plan…move this service plan to 9/26 Alternative program will be presented online.

2. Dear Friends, the transition team and I are asking you to consider reading “Mistakes and Miracles” this fall as a way to jump start imagining High Street’s future and its work in building the Beloved Community. In October, November and December we will engage some of the content in my reflections and in small group discussions. This video gives you a little introduction to the book, but as I’ve been reading it I can tell you it is rich with ideas about what it means to be a UU congregation at this moment. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kZ1S8wEaxE8)

3. Johnny Davis would like for High Street Church members to know that he had surgery on September 1st at Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta. He expects to be in the hospital for a week with a 6 to 8 week recovery period afterwards. When he gets home, he would welcome cards and phone calls.

4. Sacred Circle Deepening: Rev. Sarah and Rev. Tina are planning opportunities for spiritual deepening for those who are interested. These will be in-person, but outdoors. (Rev. Tina Cansler Clark is a hospice chaplain and recently completed a program of training in spiritual direction. She is also a member at High Street!)

  • September 7: Labyrinth Walk at St. Francis Episcopal. 6:30 -8:00 p.m. (come and go as your schedule permits.) 432 Forest Hill Rd, Macon, GA 31210 The labyrinth is located to the West of the main buildings. The area is heavily shaded throughout the day, so usually refreshingly cool compared to pretty much everywhere else!
  • October 5: Wheel of Life Moving Meditation. Location TBA. 6:30-8

5. From Rev Sarah: As I mentioned in a recent sermon, I am inviting y’all into some new opportunities for conversation. I hope you’ll discover these blessings of building community together–listening to one another, reflecting and sharing your reflections, discovering your own purpose or calling and sharing from your own unique capacities–while making space to learn from others and witnessing the experiences of others. Finding ourselves, finding each other we can also begin to locate ourselves as members of a living community on the planet with shared needs and a common future. Then…we may be a blessing to each other and to the planet.

Here are the questions we have begun sharing, and hope will continue to be a source of stories and consideration:

What is of deep concern for you–what keeps you up at night or gets you up in the morning? What is calling to you in the background of your life as something that needs your energy and attention?// What in your life currently is a barrier to the life you wish for, the future you would like to live into? What would you need to have or experience in order to move past that barrier?// What has restored your faith in others (something someone else did or said or that happened) or restored your faith in humanity and the possibility of our shared future? OR When have you given someone a second change and it restored your faith in other people/humanity?// When was the last time you really felt like someone listened to you and considered what you had to say with respect and care?// What is your unique contribution to building community–to the whole?// When have you experienced working for the common good?

6. Survey – We Need Your Help: As we are planning for future events and activities, we’d like to know more about your needs and concerns. Please fill out our survey which will be posted in Happenings and in Facebook. The link is: https://bit.ly/HSUUCsurvey

7. Remember to check out all of the events at “The Mountain”, especially SUUFI (https://www.themountainrlc.org/upcoming-events).

8. Pastoral Care: A group is forming with two teams to do pastoral care for HSUUC. After meeting to discuss the needs and structures that will serve High Street, we created a team for Pastoral Aid (tangible items like meals, rides, cards, and visits). The second team is for Pastoral Counseling, which includes items like end of life planning, spiritual direction, and deeper conversations that may lead to referrals for ongoing needs. If you would like to work with one or both of these teams, please contact Rev. Sarah at revsarahoglesby@gmail.com in August. In July, please contact Marie Holliday if you have an emergency pastoral care need and she will help connect you with Rev. Sarah or available resources in Macon as appropriate2

Ongoing Announcements

1. This Sunday we will have an online offering using our online giving technology, found here: https://onrealm.org/hsuuc/-/give/now

Please have your credit or debit card handy! (Also feel free to give beforehand, and as many times as you want!)

Thank you for your generosity.

2. Stay Safe on Your Computer! As more people are spending more time online, there has been an increase in email scams. Scammers retrieve email addresses from websites and change them, slightly, and use the changed email address to email others asking for favors and money. Please know that no minister of High Street Church will ever ask you, over email, to buy eBay gift cards or itune gift cards, or for money in general (unless it is for the church or some approved fundraiser). If you are a victim of an email scam, do not respond to it. Please report the email to gmail (or whatever carrier the email address uses). They will try to remove that email so the scammer won’t prey on others.

3. Interested in being a phone buddy or pen pal with someone from High Street? Contact Jane Donahue: janedonahue817@gmail.com

4. A Note About the Happenings: The Happenings web page (https://hsuuc.org/happenings/) is usually updated only once per week, but under the current circumstances, it will updated as the need arises. There will be both a Date and Time of Update at the top of the page and reminder emails about the Happenings may not be made when updates are made. So make sure that you bookmark the Happenings page or put it in your Favorites and check it regularly.

5. Daybreak (Macon’s day center for those who are homeless) Daybreak has a significant need for specialized volunteers: nurses, adult learning tutors (reading, writing, math, finance, personal goals, etc.). Daybreak also always needs volunteers for general operations (laundry, showers, computers, gardening, the café, building and grounds maintenance).