What is FaithRocket?

FaithRocket is a theme-based ministry resource available to UU congregations. It has been developed by the Church of the Larger Fellowship (the UUA’s largest congregation which functions as an online fellowship composed mostly of persons who are not within driving distance of a traditional UU congregation) and Launchpad (a multi-site and church-planting ministry promoting innovative ways to create, grow, and develop new UU congregations).

FaithRocket provides congregations with a wide range of materials to take ministry beyond the traditional Sunday morning service. While it does include worship materials based on a monthly theme, it also includes resources for small groups, for religious education, and for social media. Social media resources include quote memes, podcasts and YouTube videos, and thoughtful essays by notable UUs.

For those of our members and friends who use Facebook, watch for FaithRocket materials on High Street Church’s group page. If you’re not yet a member on our group page, got to to request to be added as a member.

The FaithRocket theme for April is “RENEWAL.”

Resources for the Week of March 29 – April 5

A FaithRocket Quote for Monday:

Quote 9.png

A FaithRocket Reflection for Tuesday:

Question 5.png

A FaithRocket Podcast for Wednesday:

“A Renewal of Faith” by Matthew Johnson

A FaithRocket Videocast for Thursday:

“Renewed in Passover” by Lynn Ungar

A FaithRocket Quote for Friday:

Quote 2.png

A FaithRocket Essay for Saturday:

“Prayer For Renewal”
by the Rev. Debra Garfinkel, Church Of The Restoration, Tulsa


We are co-creators of our world:

          Together, we seek to make sense of

                   Life’s mysterious interwoven cycles of

                             beginnings and endings:

                   The splintering destruction of tornadoes,

                             the stench of war,

                   The lost touch, breath, and voice of someone dear to us,

                   And at the same time

                             The grace of soft, rosey baby toes and

                                      The miracle of a spectacular sunset.