Deadlines and Announcement Submission Procedures

When making announcements, PLEASE remember that many in our congregation do not regularly use electronic communication, so please try to get all important information in the Newsletter, Order of Service and in the verbal announcements made at the Sunday service so that EVERYONE will be aware of important announcements.

  • Newsletter Deadline is the 18th of each month. Please send submissions to Marie Holliday at: Attachments should be sent as .RTFs or .JPGs whenever possible—No PDFs.
  • Order Of Service Deadline is each Wednesday evening. Any requests for Order Of Service space (announcements, readings, hymn titles, etc) should be sent to  with the tag “OOS for mmddyy”. As space is limited, preference is given to events that are occurring in the following week.
  • Announcements at the Sunday Service (if not printed in OOS). Please email the president before Sunday. As a last resort, hand your announcement to the president before the service.
  • Happenings Deadline is each Wednesday evening. Please send submissions to the church office: