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Hi Kevin and Frank,

The default edit mode of a page is block mode. This is a test block. Blocks are defined by a hard enter. If you want to keep paragraphs together in the same block, you need to use shift-enter at the end of each paragraph.

I have used 2 shifted-enters at the end of the paragraph above. I will not use a hard enter.

This is now a new block. If given the choice of classic or block mode, you need to choose Block since mixing edit modes will corrupt the page.

This is a new block. You have been made an Editor. Editors cannot change the design of the website or add menu items, but they can change anything on any page or post, but PLEASE restrict yourself to just this page unless you discuss it with me first. Also, please note that concurrent editing lockout of a page may not always work, so you do not want to have a draft saved or be logged in editing a page when another person is trying to edit it. Paula, Arlen and I have all had issues with this when we make changes to the Happening page, so the best thing to do is to coordinate between yourselves. Also, it will also help if you create and finalize the text for the webpage in a word processor before you log in, this will, minimize the time that you spend logged in and editing the page. Also, make sure that you Update the page before logging out.

Board President

President Elect



Board Trustee

This is a new block. This page is live and is located at: but it is not in the menu structure, so if you want it to be in the menu after you have completed it, just let me know where you want it to be put. I suggest that putting it as an item lower down in the News and How-Tos would be a good place. Just let me know what you want the menu title to be and what to put it between.

If you have any questions or if I need to make any changes, just let me know.

Good Luck,