The Danger of Certainty

Dr. Bryan Whitfield – February 23, 2020

Eric Fromm wrote that the “compulsive quest for certainty…is not the expression of genuine faith but is rooted in the need to conquer unbearable doubt.” Or, to put it another way, the dead-sure folks are dead wrong. Excess certainty excludes faith. People of faith move from anxiety, fear, and obsession about certainty to celebrate the present with joy and embrace the future with hope

Bryan Whitfield is associate professor of religion and director of the Great Books Program in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Mercer, where he has taught since 2002. A Georgia native, he has also taught at Emory University’s Candler School of Theology and Columbia Theological Seminary. He holds the Ph.D. in New Testament from Emory University. During the spring semester of 2014, he was visiting research professor of New Testament at Johannes Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany

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Embracing Fear, Saving the World

Rev. Cassandra Howe – February 16, 2020

Many times we think of courage as the victory of bravery over fear. But what if fear is a sign of something we care about? What if courage is not the absence of fear but the friendship with fear? Join us as we explore Buddhist concepts of courage as a tool for how to hold onto hope in our age of global warming and mass extinction of animals.

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Abundant Faith

Rev. Cassandra Howe – February 2, 2020

This week we begin our exploration of February’s theme of “Courage” by looking at growth. Not just numerical growth but organic, maturational, and incarnational growth. Join us as we reflect on the ways we grow and the growth our faith calls us to.

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Why Wait?

Mary Ann Downey – January 26, 2020

Just who are your Quaker neighbors, and what do they believe? Are they at all similar to UU’s? Enjoy a brief introduction to the history, beliefs, and practices of the unprogrammed branch of The Religious Society of Friends from attendees

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A Rock to Hold Onto

Connnie Goodbread

It is cliché, but it is true: we live in uncertain times. Politically, environmentally, collectively, personally. Join us as we uncover some of the
foundational rocks that are Unitarian Universalism and how we can use these rocks in our lives today.

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Liminal Time

The Rev. Nana’ Kratochvil – December 29, 2019

The wonder of the Winter Holidays takes a pause between Christmas and New Year. We will gather in this liminal time to contemplate, reflect, and gather our energy for the future. Let us say we will be “Drawing a Breath.”

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Miraculous Oil, Miraculous Signs

Rev. Cassandra Howe – December 22, 2019

On this night begins the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah, the eight day period of remembering the miracles of the unlikely Maccabean military victory and the miracle of the enduring light in the desecrated temple. It is a holy day with no biblical foundation and is relatively insignificant theologically compared to other higher holy days in the Jewish year. But Hanukkah is still rich with metaphor and meaning. Join us as we consider the Hanukkah miracle of the light that lasts and what it means for us today.

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Do You Believe in Miracles?

Rev. Cassandra Howe – December 8, 2019

It is understandable that Unitarian Universalists as a whole are a bit skeptical when it comes to miracles. Miracles by definition defy natural law and science has long been a highly respected source of our faith. But it is important to acknowledge that while we may be a little more hesitant to believe in miracles, having a belief in miracles is not contrary to being UU. Today we explore some miracle stories within our UU tradition and what believing in miracles might mean for us today.

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Many Names For God

Rev. Cassandra Howe – November 17, 2019

When we say we are giving praise, what, exactly, are we praising? As a faith that embraces a diversity of beliefs, from theist to atheist and everything in between, what are we praising on Sunday mornings? Are we even praising? Join us as we explore Unitarian Universalist thoughts on the subject of our worship, and what, if anything, do we praise collectively.

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