A UUA Love Story

Earl Daniels – June 10, 2018

Unitarian Universalism is distinguished in how we do not have to “leave our brains at the door.” Our faith also calls us to bring our hearts as well. What moves us? How do we live into agape love in these divisive times?

Earl Daniels is a member of High Street, a Candidate for UUA Ministry, currently serving as a Chaplain Resident at Mountain Home VA Medical Center. He is a 2016 graduate of Candler School of Theology at Emory University in Atlanta. His immediate family includes wife Nyambura, five year-old son Kimunya, terrier Chakra and cat Paka, in Roswell, GA, as well as adult daughter Nyssa, who lives in Seattle, WA. He was a member of the Central High School Sugarbear Band in the late 1970s and his parents still live here in Macon.

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The Blessing of Blessings

The Rev. Cassandra Howe – June 3, 2018

As a humanistic tradition we don’t have a long standing habit of saying blessings or thinking in terms of “blessing.” But being open to the gifts of blessings can enrich our lives. For one, saying blessings requires us to pause amidst the headlong rush of our days and to look up. To pay attention. And from there to connect more deeply with our one wild and precious life. Join us as we explore Jewish and Unitarian Universalist ideas around blessings, giving and receiving.

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DeMarcus Beckham – May 27, 2018

As Angela Davis says, “I think the importance of doing activist work is precisely because it allows you to give back and to consider yourself not as a single individual who may have achieved whatever, but to be a part of an ongoing historical movement.”

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The Promises We Make

The Rev. Cassandra Howe – May 20, 2018

Emily Dickinson wrote, “Forever is composed of vows.” Today we look at the vows we as Unitarian Universalists have made in regards to racial justice, how we have fared in keeping them, and an invitation to fulfill the promises we have broken.

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The Mothering Congregation

The Rev. Cassandra Howe – May 13, 2018


Today we welcome all into our circle of care: biological mothers in the thick of mothering, foster, adoptive, mentor-mothers, mothers who lost children, children who lost moms. The list goes on. We also celebrate the ever expanding circles of care with a child dedication of Ira and Emlyn Benson. We celebrate our vocation as a mothering and hopeful congregation, caring for the next generation of Unitarian Universalists. Please join us!

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Through You, But Not From You

The Rev. Cassandra Howe – May 6, 2018

“They come through you but not from you” are words from the great poet and mystic Kahlil Gibran when speaking to parents of their children. These same words could also be said to artists of their creations. Where does creativity come from? Why does this question even matter? Come find out!

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Roots Hold Us Close, Wings Set Us Free


Revs. Mary Katherine Morn and Cassandra Howe

30th Anniversary Celebration Honoring Founding Members and New Members

April 2018 marks the thirtieth anniversary of the decision of a community of people, known then as the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Middle Georgia, to not only call their own Full Time Minister but to also purchase their own building, the building we meet in today: High Street Church. Today we honor the hopes and dreams of the founding members by not only recalling past memories, but looking forward to the next thirty years of being a beacon of liberal religion in middle Georgia. Please join us!

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High Street’s Past / High Street’s Future

The Rev. E. Arlen Goff – April 15, 2018

This year we’re celebrating the bold move made by our fellowship thirty years ago to both (1) purchase this historic church property in Intown Macon and (2) call a full-time minister to lead our congregation. Over the years our ministry in this place has had to adapt to changing membership, changing leadership, and changes in the culture and community in which we reside. As we celebrate our past, let us take a few moments in the present to gaze into the future. Perhaps we will discover new possibilities for ministry and service to our community not previously conceived of or envisioned.

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Communal Uprising

The Rev. Cassandra Howe – April 1, 2018

Join us as we take a peek at the eastern orthodox church’s understanding of Easter, a communal resurrection, and celebrate the joy of springtime’s resurrection through our traditional Flower Communion. Children’s Egg Hunt in the park follows.


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