Saying Yes and Saying No

Rev. Cassandra Howe – February 28, 2016

Growing up in a “save the world/do -gooder” household, I always had a hard time saying no. Later in life this has meant a struggle to make decisions and a habit of over committing and getting burned out. In a congregational setting where we depend on people saying “yes” in order to get things done, how do we also value setting boundaries and saying “no?” And how does a practice of saying “no” help us as a whole act with clarity and courage towards our ultimate dreams and vision?

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Everyday Affection

Rev. Cassandra Howe – February 14, 2016

On this day when Hallmark is celebrating romantic love, or eros, we look at the least probed form of love, storge, or affectional love. This is your everyday kind of love – the regard one has for the people who share the same physical space: people on the bus, coworkers, and even fellow congregants.

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Are You Ready for Revolutionary Love?

Christina Hockman – February 7, 2016

The Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday marked the beginning of Standing on the Side of Love’s Thirty Days of Love campaign, and this year’s theme is Racial Justice. Thirty Days of Love is a time for community and prophetic action. An ethic of love is essential to our work for justice.

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Stronger Together

Rev. Cassandra Howe – January 31, 2016

Why do we commit to back door kitchen and the mitten tree? Why do we organize book drives for Title One schools? Why do the service auction and have so many committee meetings? ! It can’t be just to keep busy, but sometimes it feels like it…especially when we are left to do the work alone. Church work not only puts food in people’s bellies but can shape us towards living community.

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A Personal Perspective on Islam

Dr. Eiman Houry – January 24, 2016

Islam is a religion primarily of action and works—just like Unitarian Universalism. How we live in the world is at the crux of both UU and Muslim spirituality. Dr. Houry shared his experience with Islam and how he lives his religion each day. Dr. Houry is a Professor of Political Science and International Affairs and Chair of the Department of International and Global Studies at Mercer University.

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One Wild and Precious Life

January 10, 2016

In this special service, members of the congregation spanning various ages and stages of life addressed the question posed by poet Mary Oliver, “What would you do with your one wild and precious life?” Come to explore how we might live more fully in this new year and beyond.

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Starting with Sabbath

Rev. Cassandra Howe – January 3, 2016

You do not have to do more. You do not have to sell more. You do not have to control more. You do not have to know more. You do not have to be younger or more beautiful. If these statements offer you some sense of relief or release, you have just experienced a little piece of what sabbath can be.

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The Power of Books

Jennifer Lautzenheiser – December 27, 2015

Libraries know the power of a book. Libraries know the impact that the right information can make in peoples’ lives. Middle Georgia Regional Library is working to improve the Middle Georgia community through equal access to information and technology. What can be done to increase the functional literacy of the Middle Georgia community through programming and partnerships? How can libraries, and the power of books, help to change lives?

Jennifer is the new director of the Middle Georgia Regional Library System.

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Room at the Inn

Rev. Cassandra Howe – December 24, 2015

How do we make room for the stranger, the unknown guest? In this time when countries are being called to shelter Syrian refugees, we explore the Christmas message of hospitality. This will be a family friendly service of carols and candles with a brief reflection from Rev. Howe.

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