The Future of High Street: Part 1 of 3

High Street Church Zoom Worship with Rev. Sarah Oglesby-Dunegan – October 3, 2021

Rev. Sarah and the transition team engage in a vision process to uncover the potential future of High Street. As High Street prepares for moving back into their building and its next ministry, we will dream together, remember together, and weave together–weave a new story to hold and to challenge this congregation. Rev. Sarah will offer some possibilities in a sermon, and then High Street folks will be invited to listen to each other in a conversation facilitated by transition team members. What kind of community is High Street and what can High Street offer Macon/MIddle Georgia? What do members need from each other? How can High Street live into its potential, and what might happen if it did? How might High Street need to change in order to fulfill these dreams? Rev. Sarah will share how other congregations have approached these pivotal conversations and what they created as a result.