Rev. Cassandra Howe – June 2, 2019

Most people see themselves as good people. Moral people. We believe in our “good” identity even when we do things that are less than “good,” things that are worthy of critique from others. Author Dolly Chugh offers an alternative to the ‘good” versus “bad,” “moral” versus “immoral” mindset: Good-ish. Believing in the “good-ishness” of people we step outside of the seductive but scientifically inaccurate notion that people are either and always a good or bad person. In the good-ish mindset moral perfection is less the goal than having a more clear-eyed understanding of oneself and trying to be better. Join us as we celebrate the liberation that can come when we know ourselves, not as either saints or sinners, but as lovable-even-as-we-are-imperfect, growing, good-ish people.

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