Preaching on Race: Breaking the Sound of Silence

 Dr. Andrew Manis – January 27, 2019

Today, a long-time friend of our congregation, Dr. Andrew Manis, Professor of History at Middle Georgia State University, will fill our pulpit. Andy has taught college students for thirty-five years, the last nineteen at MGA. He has written or edited five books, most notably the history of race relations in Macon called Macon Black and White. His biography of Birmingham, Alabama’s Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth, A Fire You Can’t Put Out, has won several book awards and whose film rights have been optioned by Emmy-nominated producer Marsha Oglesby, in hopes of a feature film or limited series. His Sermon for today is titled, “Preaching on Race: Breaking the Sound of Silence,” which is part of his current book project.

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