In the Way of Hope: Stories of Sexual Violence Victims

Kathy Manis Findley – November 25, 2018

How do those surrounding them respond? We recently watched a story of sexual assault unfold on our television screens — a somber sonata with three movements. Movement One depicted the long-term devastation a rape victim experiences. Movement Two described the unreasonable expectation that the victim provide irrefutable evidence. Movement Three enabled us to witness the reactions of “the crowd” and their frenetic operations to protect and exonerate the alleged perpetrator.
This story is no new thing. It happens every day, and has for centuries. As a compassionate and caring people, might we answer this question: Can our hearts truly hear a victim’s story of pain and will we respond in the way of hope?

Kathy (Kalliope) is an ordained Baptist minister who worked for years with victims of violence. She founded Safe Places in Little Rock, AR to do this work.

Download MP3: In the Way of Hope: Stories of Sexual Violence Victims