Providing Refuge

JoAnn Weiss, El Refugio Board Chair – October 21, 2018

JoAnn shared with us from her rich personal experience and how it relates to our need as human beings to not only seek refuge but also to provide refuge to those around us who need sanctuary.

JoAnn has been an activist for social justice in Latin America since the early 1980s. In California, she worked with refugees and asylum seekers from El Salvador and Guatemala. In Nicaragua, she served as a witness to U.S. policies during the Sandinista revolution, and in New Mexico, she worked as a community organizer in border communities. JoAnn is an instructor of Adult Education at Gwinnett Technical College, and has been a member of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Gwinnett for nearly 20 years. She currently serves as Board Chair of El Refugio.

Download MP3: Providing Refuge