The Most Segregated Hour

Dr. Doug Thompson – September 23, 2018

Though largely credited to Martin Luther King Jr., the phrase “the most segregated hour in America is 11 O’clock on Sunday morning” came from sociologist Liston Pope. I’ll look at how the hour became segregated and why it is not as simple to desegregate as we might think. In the process, I will talk about the projects that have brought the two First Baptists together in recent years.

Dr. Doug Thompson is associate professor of history at Mercer University. He and his wife Kerri along with their sons and daughter (whom they adopted in 2012) have lived in Macon since 2001. In June 2017, Doug published Richmond’s Prophets and Priests: Race, Religion, and Social Change in the Civil Rights Era. He is currently working on a project about Martin Luther King Jr. When not teaching, researching, writing, or traveling with his family, he is also an avid runner.

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