So Our Light Shines Out

The Rev. Cassandra Howe – September 9, 2018

This evening at sunset marks the beginning of Rosh Hashana, the Head of the Jewish Year. Jews around the world devote much thought, prayer and practice in seeking amends with people they have wronged and hurling away past sins or transgressions. While UU’s might not often use the more traditional religious language of sin or repentance, we can probably agree that we all mess up every once in a while. We all might be carrying some burdens that we’d like to get rid of in order to be our best self. Instead of a traditional Water Communion this year we begin with the Jewish ritual of Tashlich, the casting away of all that burdens us. Practical note: Please bring any water you have gathered over the summer (as is traditionally done for Water Communion) and add it to the vessels in either entryway when you arrive which will be poured into the Fountain of Cleansing Waters during the Service.

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