Your Life Matters: Advocating for Incarcerated Persons

Dr. Christina Charette – August 6, 2017

Drawing on personal experiences from her work in correctional facilities, as well as resources such as Just Mercy, Writing My Wrongs: Life, Death, and Redemption in American Prison, and 13, Dr. Charrette will discuss the state of and emerging trends in criminal justice, including racial inequality, in Georgia and the nation. She will encourage confronting the tension between the UU First Principle and the need for accountability and consequences when horrible crimes are committed. She will offer ways the congregation can show mercy and act as “stone catchers” and advocate for the inherent worth and dignity of incarcerated persons. Dr. Christina Charrette has been attending High Street with her family since 2015. She earned a Master’s and Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Pacific University in Portland, Oregon. She is licensed as a psychologist in Georgia. She has worked with individuals involved in the legal system for the past 17 years, and specializes in working with youth involved in the justice system.

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